President Thomas Jefferson stated;


"No government should be without censors, and where the press is free no one ever will. The wiser the press the better off society will be". However in the new millennium journalists censure things with difficulty because they have allowed it to become customary. In other words the press is too tight with liberal adgends, Democratic Party, Old Guard Republican's & lobbyists. Voters who care should have a problem with that!


Pope Francis slapping away the hand of President Donald J. Trump during a photo-op at the Vatican, Hillary Clinton adopts a baby and Michelle Obama's 95-lb weight gain a problem - false headlines like these are to grab attention for newspaper & magazine sales, radio listeners and TV ratings. 

When this occurs journalistic objectivity is lost and the ability for audiences to decide issues for themsleves is lost. Americans speak their minds and to print and circulate news without reprisal is an out rage. Freedom of an objective press is no more. Educated journalists are taught to adhere to five core principles when reporting. with truth and accuracy as the cardinal rule. There is a movement away from from these moral and eithical principles.

As for the current presidents negitive ratings, during his first 100 days, he has enacted more  positive legislation and signed more executive orders than any other president in the last half century. Now over 500 days into presidency rating are amoung his highest.

If people don't like the President, at least don't like him for the truth and raw facts. The early headlines are to just grab readership or listeners or viewers. The adminstration knows that. Signs read "Hate Has No Home Here" on lawns throught-out the Main Line. However some of the time thats just where hate does resides. But this isn't just about the current president, it's about all news. This problem touches not just politicans but entertainers, sports stars, police briefs and science articles. Buyers beware and receivers of news beware! 

Charles Barkley said, "Facebook & other forms of social media give every idiot a voice." We all have a right to free speech but with it comes responsibility. You just can't stop indoctrinated minds from passing on what they believe are "facts" - without verifying supposed facts.  dkd


The New York Times recently admitted that they gave Hillary Clinton's new book a rating of  4.8 stars out of 5. Then days later we learned that the Times had been deleting many unfavorable ratings that were sent in. Mistakes in news stories, whether by accident, bad reporting or attempts to change the facts should leave you apppalled.Facts presented by  ABC, CBS, NBC, LA Times, NY Times, MSNBC, CNN (who has appologized), Washington Post, Time & Altantic magazine, Fox and others, with confirmations conducted by the Media Research Center, has shown these aren't one time mistakes.  At Harvard's Kennedy Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy found during Trump's first 100 days he recieved unsparing coverage for most weeks during his presidency, without a single major topic were Trump's coverage was balanced!. Now these sources, MDC and Harvard, are generally "Left" leaning,  still they, MDC, at least begged the media to adhere to the hightest reporting standards. America depends on honest reporting. The HOUSE MEDIA FAIRNESS CAUCAS echoes the same.

The controverial CIVIC RIGHTS ACTIVIST Malcolm X said,  "the media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make innocent guilty and make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the masses." Swallow your pride, don't let them control you!

To date the most minutes spent by the media on negitive Trump coverage has been, in order time spent was ;  (1) The travel ban (2) Russian Election Investigation (3) Effort to replece ObamaCare (4) Immigration Enforcement (5) Obama wiretap claims.

AMERICA LOOSES WHEN THIS HAPPENS, EVEN OPPONENTS SHOULD DEMAND HONESTY IN REPORTING. LOOK WHAT IT CAN DO TO AMERICA. 500 days later it's Immigration, Russian Interference and FBI/Clinton election tampering. Government can sure spend our tax dollars quickly.



The more intelligent minds, become easier to fool .

Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a Blog's mission.  This site is simple;



If you or your news souces can't publish the whole truth, at least reveal some of it.

Censorship increases fake news also because it blocks information. Too much news today reaches the public before it's investigated and fact checked. Even some fact check sites are sponsored by those with a dog in the fight. Keep checking!  If media outlets consistently fact check first they would consistently achieve audience trust.

News seakers, journalists and academia are sometimes stuck in this period of transitioning from traditional news to the social news media. Noting that even Google has added to the inaccurate news by leaving out news. Later certain content as revealed in congressional testimony. Who can we trust?

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